I feed my cats raw!

I feed my kids with chunks of raw chiken breast aprox. 2cm x 2cm or bigger that I let in lukewarm water for a few minutes. This time the meat absorbs water (and I let in their plates some water over the meat). If the meat is very cold, than the water is warmer so that the cats do not get cold. I do not use a knife to make chunks, but a bigger inox scissors  that I used to cut paper.
1-2 meals a week I gave them raw chicken gizzards, hears and liver. Liver has many vitamins; althought the excess of liver is not recomanded.
I add to their meal the skin from the chicken breast and bones from the chicken breast cut In small pieces.
I give them 2 meals a day. Usualy they eat 130 g -160 g / day, less in summer and more in winter. To those who are not greedy,  I let them eat as much as they want.
It is not recomanded to feed cats with dry food and with raw in the same time as the dry food stays  a very long time in the stomach and the raw meat , that usualy is digested very quick, can be alterated in the intestines mixed with dry food.

This method of feeding has these advantages:
- cats do not get fat and I can control very easy their weight
- they do not need to drink extra water as the meat is full of water
- with this menu the acidity / ph of their urine is between 6 - 6.5. so that the risk of making struvites  stones decreases. I control time to time their urine ph and it is between this limits. The ph increase only if they are ill. That is very important specially for the tomcats.
- the pops smell much less ! this is quite incredible!
- they are healthier as the canned and dry cat food is fool of additives.
- they will not made diabetis as they do not eat cereals (cats are not recmanded to consume cereals that most cat food contain)
- their furr is very healthy, all my visitors are astonished of their shiny furr

If you intend to feed your cat with raw meat you have to be prepared for a big stroke. As the canned and dry food have a lot of additives, the cat will refuse to eat something else for 2-3-4 days. But don't be affraid, she will not die before eating raw food :) .